The Abacus Legal Advantage.

Benefits of using Abacus Legal Service

Abacus Legal Services provides an alternative, beneficial method of law practice.


Turnaround from Abacus Legal Services is quicker than traditional law firms because our partner-level attorneys don't waste time training inexperienced associates using your legal needs as training tools. You can't afford to wait around, that's why Abacus Legal Services will get you the answers you need in a matter of days, not weeks


You don't have to spend precious time commuting to a law office for an initial consultation. Nor do you have to account for the time wasted in traffic, or sitting in a reception area waiting for an attorney to become available. Instead, you can just pick up the phone or shoot us an email at your convenience, and you’ll be well on your way to an efficient legal solution for your business.


It's simple. Because Abacus Legal Services greatly undercuts typical law firm overhead expenses by conducting business online rather than in a physical office space, we are able to pass those savings onto our clients in the form of reduced legal fees.


By existing in a virtual manner, Abacus Legal Services greatly reduces the amount of waste that is typical of a law office. Because we conduct our business online, we greatly minimize the need for office supplies and resources that are wasted elsewhere. Finally, because you do not need to commute to benefit from our services and because we do not commute along crowded freeways to distant office locales in order to provide you with simple legal solutions, our practice significantly reduces typical carbon emissions. We work close to home in an innovative manner and serve you at home.

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